Hormone levels drop to the bottom in Andropause. → Libido and sexuality decline. Body is always in low energy levels, tiredness, memory loss, weight gain at abdomen, and insomnia.


Hormone levels drop to the bottom in Menopause. The aging speeds up. → Body is always in low energy levels, tiredness, memory loss, weight gain, and insomnia. Skin structure and muscle go down rapidly, and appear wrinkles everywhere.

Hormone decline rapidly at the age of 40s, which lead to serious hormone imbalance.
Libido and functions decline, and sleep loss or even insomnia.


Hormones levels decline leads to serious hormone imbalance. This is perimenopause.
→ Mood swings, joint bone weakened and weight gain. Libido decline rapidly. Dry skin, muscles sagging, and deeper wrinkles, hair loss

During 30s, men reach the peak of sexuality and strength. However, levels of hormones start to decline.
Most men gain weight at 34 years old.


During the 30s, hormone production declines, especially Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone.
→ The metabolism slows down and fertility decreases. Skin structure weakened, wrinkles appear.


Your body contains more than 100 different types of hormones, and they travel through the bloodstream to tissues and organs, and control most of our body’s major systems: skin aging, metabolism, bone strength, sexual function, fertility, sleep cycles, heart rate, blood sugar level, growth and development, stress.

The polluted environment also affects the level of hormone within the body over time. Hormone imbalance is the major cause of aging. Low or high hormone level, may cause many dangerous skin and health problems, especially for women.


Anti- Aging treatments at FORTIO Clinic are all certificated by Dr Map’s Protocols based on the Anti-Aging Science of AMMG (Age Management Medicine Group) from the US

FORTIO Clinic applies Anti-Aging therapy in order reverse aging effectively, bring back healthy body and youthful skin.


We clearly understand the causes of aging come from the inside and appear on the outside

The whole Anti-Aging processes are supervised and consulted by The Medical Director of FORTIO Clinic:
Dr. Erik Fleischman – a doctor from the US with more than 23 experienced years 
Dr. Mark L. Gordon – a doctor from the US with more than 20 experienced years in Endocrinology 

local doctors in Vietnam

The process of treating aging – Dr Map Protocols provides effective tests.

The infrastructure and equipment at FORTIO Clinic are innovated up to date.


Dr. Erik Fleischman

Dr. Erik is the Medical Director of FORTIO American Anti-Aging Clinic.

Dr. Erik is a licensed American Anti-Aging Specialist who has been treating patients in over 15 countries for nearly 20 years. He is Hollywood’s Doctor to the Stars and has helped to maintain the health, beauty and strength of many A-list celebrities in America and Asia. His system of medical treatment examines the entire person creating an individual program that focuses on detoxification and then rejuvenation

From the inside of the person to the outside. Dr. Erik is also a specialist in Cancer and Cancer prevention and combines this knowledge to bring patients great health, beauty and a longer, healthier life...

Dr. Erik is the former Medical Director of Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand

Dr. Mark L. Gordon

Dr. Mark L. Gordon is the Medical Vice-Director of FORTIO American Anti-Aging Clinic. Dr. Gordon has been a consultant to the Medical Board of California in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, and Alternative Medicine (1998 - present).

He is known as a leader in the field of Interventional Endocrinology. This led to his invitations to lecture around the world on a number of his favorite topics; The truth about Growth Hormone, Diagnosing Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Low Testosterone Syndrome, Cholesterol the Father of all Hormones, …
Dr. Gordon's work has been featured by many major publications, including HBO, ESPN, CNN, FOX, Good Morning and Life Extension magazine.

During 20 years, Dr. Mark L. Gordon has now provided services to over 12,000 patients in 9 countries and 14 other states.


A healthy body and youthful skin.

FORTIO American Anti-Aging Clinic brings you back to the healthy body and youthful skin you always hope for in your 20s by treating cause of aging effectively. The process of treating the cause of aging based on the Anti-Aging Science of Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) from the US. 


The hormone is “a power of healing”, helps you to improve the life quality, both appearance, and physique. Imbalance hormone whether the level of hormone is too high or too low both cause negative effects to your health and skin, especially for women



Rejuvenating skin with the most advanced treatment and upgraded technology at FORTIO Clinic. Treat the cause of aging by using BHRT to bring people back to the best quality of life and youthful skin you always hope for in your 20s.



We are committed to bringing the latest and most innovative solutions in the field of comprehensive rejuvenating skin

and BHRT to treat the cause of aging. As a result, you will own healthy body and youthful skin.

While women reach the age of 40, they start to have perimenopausal symptoms such as hot flash, menstrual disorders, gain weight, loss of libido, sleep deprivation, and aging skin. One of the key reason is imbalance hormones. The level of hormone in body decline by aging, especially going down dramatically in perimenopause (40s-50s). Science researches show that from 35 to 50 years old, level of female Sex hormones such as Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone decrease respectively by 35%, 75%, and 50%. Balancing hormone is a key to treat the cause of aging (perimenopausal and andropausal symptoms) to bring back the new version of youth inside you.

PUER 4D LIFT is recognized as a world leader of innovation with double-lasers go deeply to skin’s SMAS. This treatment is proved at a safe and positive result in terms of face-lifting and rejuvenation for millions woman in America. There are 4 strengths that PUER 4D LIFT has brought for thousands woman in the USA: face lifting, filling deep wrinkles up to 90%, reverse aging to 10 years younger, and smoothen skin surface via the light-peel stage. All stages of this treatment are only 60 minutes long…

The main reason causing stress, sleep loss or insomnia hormone is imbalance in perimenopause and menopause. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) from the USA – FELIX – is proved by positive results such as good sleep and energy.


Mrs. THANH LY (47 years old)

I have the opportunity to live and work abroad for 2 years. Thanks to that, I know Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) once I getting health checkup. I have followed a healthy lifestyle couple of years, however, I gained weights all over the time. I was totally surprised by that and I wanted to find out which problem was.

After consultations and blood test results, I knew that I had problems with the thyroid gland. It was also known as hypothyroidism, which results in unwanted weight gain. After considering, I decided to follow the doctor's treatment regimen for 6 months to see the results. Fortunately, things went well and I lost by 1.5 kg monthly. Till the sixth month, I officially returned to my desired weight and have been perfectly healthy up to now.

Mrs. PHI PHỤNG (49 years old)

As a woman, I am obsessed with young and healthy image. I often look at the mirror every morning to check whether my look is ok or not. You know what, we cannot say “no” to aging. The feeling of getting older stressed me out. Every time I see wrinkles under eyes, smile lines, I will find any information to help me solve this condition. After lot of searching, I went to the FORTIO Clinic to experience face-lifting technique to overcome skin and muscle sagginess. After consulting with the doctor, I decided to use the PUER 4D LIFT, the technology comes from the United States. Hopefully, I was not wrong about this decision. Now you can see, my wrinkles are clearly improved, I am confident than ever with my new appearance.